DIY 3D Wall Paper Hearts For Valentine’s Day Decor

Diy 3d Wall Paper Hearts For Valentines Day Decor

Only a week left before the most romantic holiday of the year and you are still thinking how to decorate your home? Here’s a brilliant idea – 3D paper hearts! The supplies are colored paper, scissors, glue or double-stick tape. Cut out hearts of traditional heart shape of colored paper with a cut down the center. Then add a drop of glue or double-stick tape along one edge. Pinch the two edges of the heart together from the back, to make the center of the heart pop up. Glue the edges together, and the heart looks 3D. Then stick a flock of hearts to a wall with tape or poster putty placed at the bottom point on the back side of each shape. These hearts may be also attached to some gifts as a creative tag.

Source: howaboutorange