DIY Flower Vase Of A Small Wood Log

Flower vases are great things for interior decorating. There are so many vases available that you can easily find some that will fit your interior wll. You can even make such vases. For example, you can use a small wood log. The vase made of such log would have a very natural and rustic look so if such design fits your interior don’t hesitate to make several such vases.

The idea is to drill a hole in a wood log using a spade bit that would be able to accomodate a small bottle or a jar. You can sand the log or to leave some bark on it. You can even stain. Everything depends on your desires. After the vase is done you can put fresh or faux flowers there, some sticks and even succulents.

For full instructions visit The Csi Project. In case you want to make big planters for outdoor use from wood logs, check out this tutorial.

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