DIY Cloud-Like Yarn Lampshade

We have told you of many yarn crafts, here’s one more yarn craft, a lampshade that reminds of a cloud. You’ll need an old lampshade, in the shape you want your creation to be, some yarn, baking paper, wallpaper glue, scissors, tape or a stapler, superglue. Remove the top of your lampshade, or any part that holds it to the foot of the lamp. Cover the lampshade with the baking paper for yarn not to stick to the lampshade. Staple or tape the first piece of the yarn to the baking paper. Whirl the yarn around the lampshade. Dab the yarn with the glue and let it dry completely. Get your superglue and glue the basis back to the new lampshade, so you can reattach it to the lamp. It looks like a cloud, dreamy and beautiful!

Source: lanared

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