DIY Witch-Like Lampshade For Halloween Decorating

Diy Witch Like Lampshade For Halloween Decorating

What an iconic witch hat reminds you? For me it’s a lampshade. That’s why I think this cool DIY lampshade is a very cool decoration for Halloween. For the project you’ll need X-acto kinfe. black foam core, 8″ mixing bowl, black ribbon, scissors, tape, lamp shade, hot glue gun, purple ribbon, buckle and a lamp.


Cut a circle from foam core 6″ wider than the bottom of lamp shade. Cut 5″ of black ribbon, tape one end to the inside of the shade and then wrap it around the shade. Repeat until the shade is fully covered. Center the shade onto foam-core ring, and add a line of hot glue where the shade meets the foam core. Cut 3 pieces of purple ribbon about and braid them. Thread buckle onto the braid. Glue braided band to the seam where the shade meets the brim, trim and tie excess ribbon in the back, and place shade on top of lamp. Enjoy!

Source: parents