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DIY Christmas Tree Of Books

Christmas tree alternatives are endless, and here’s one more idea for book lovers, for those who are obsessed with books and old book stores.  You’ll need about 80 or more books – depending on the tree size that you want – and LED lights. All you need to do is just to arrange them in the shape of a tree; put big and heavy books into the base to make the tree more stable. It’s better to make this tree somewhere in the corner so that your kids or pets won’t ruin it. Now add LED lights because they do not get hot, which makes them a great solution for stringing Christmas bulbs around all this paper. Enjoy!

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  1. Lifesart Says:

    My better half would have a fit! But there are so many of my books all over the place all the time anyway, if I had a place to do this, I would. It’s a great idea. My cat would try to climb it though.

  2. christine from decorated life Says:

    Great idea using books to create a Christmas tree… easy to put up, take down and decorate. Perfect for apartment living just take them off the bookshelf. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Margie Says:

    These also possess the strength and durability equally.

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