DIY Burlap Candleholders With A Deer Pattern

If you want to give your Christmas a cool rustic touch, you can make these candleholders with Christmas deer. The supplies are cardstock or a store-bought stencil, burlap, glass hurricane candleholder, tape, acrylic paint, glitter and thread to match burlap. Print or draw your design on cardstock and cut it with an exacto knife. Cut a piece of burlap out that is the about 1″ tall and 2″ wider around than your candleholder and lay it out on a piece of paper and tape the stencil to the middle of it to secure it. Carefully dab the paint on the burlap showing through your stencil. Let it dry slightly and then carefully remove the stencil from the burlap. Wrap the burlap around the candleholder with the painted side facing in. Pin the ends so it is tight around the holder, but can still slip off. To avoid a fire keep an eye on the candleholders when the candles are lit.

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