Cool DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

We have already told you about various gardens, including vertical ones. And you know how pallets may be used also. Now there’s an idea of a vertical garden of a pallet. You’ll need 3-4 pallets in similar as planters, a hammer and nails for pulling planks off and nailing them together, a Dremel rotary tool is really handy for cutting through nails, 1 bag of potting mix, flowers in two sizes, garden gloves, safety goggles, and 2-4 screw hooks. Choose the base pallet and pull all the planks off. Arrange them a patchwork style and nail down. Make nail holes into the bottoms of your paint buckets and cans for drainage. Lean your pallet, add the buckets and some hook screws to the back of your pallet to secure them to your chain link fence. Don’t forget to water the plants!

Source: abeautifulmess

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