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Cool DIY Tin Cans Garden

There are many ways to create a garden even if you don’t have space for that. For example, a hanging garden, mobile and convenient in using – what can be better? Take tin cans, clothesline, spray paint, a hammer and some nails. First make holes in the cans using a drill. Punch holes not only in the bottom but also in the top also – to put the clothesline through. Then paint outside in the colors you like and let dry. After that put the clothesline through and make knots.  Regulate the length of the clothesline and hang wherever you like. Cool decoration for any place, especially for your garden or balcony.


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  1. James Says:

    I spend a lot of time looking at home and garden designs and ideas and may I congratulate you for sheer simplicity. I’ve looked through all your blogs and after marveling at sophisticated ideas and fine lines and style on other blogs and websites, I enjoy your inexpensive and cute ideas.
    Admittedly you won’t be winning any awards for originality but so what. I especially liked the tin bath herb garden in one of your earlier blogs. Likewise here with the tin cans for plants, of course nothing new about it but we don’t all have money to splash out in our gardens and I’m sure your ideas have inspired many.
    I have a fence covered with tin cans and an array of different plants. I myself got a little carried away with the painting of the tins with stripes and stickers but it’s so much more fun than just going into a store and buying the readymade item.
    I’m sure you will be featuring tyres and wellington boots for plants which Is hardly original I know but it works well and it is inexpensive. It’s nice to break away from elaborate ideas and actually creating things for yourself is so much more fun even if the ideas are not unique or sophisticated.

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