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Christmas Tree Ornaments With Living Plants

Do you find yourself captivated by tabletop glass terrariums? Can you imagine that you can even decorate your Christmas trees with glass ball ornaments with living plants inside of them? Flora Grubb Gardens has such ornaments for sale. Inside each of them you can find a living Tillandsia air-plant complete with tiny lichens and mosses on twigs and other forest trimmings. These ornaments can easily become an extraordinary addition to your Christmas tree.

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  1. Turner Says:

    Wow, these are super cool.

  2. trina hamby Says:

    Would love to know how you got them in the ball and exact what is in them. thanks

  3. Dianna Murnion Says:

    Our Garden Club is decorating an artificial tree with ornaments that reflect a garden, plant, nature theme. These ornaments filled with living materials would be an elegant touch. Please reply with a cost for them and when they can be purchased

  4. Diane Stoker Says:

    how can I get them and how much are these cute little ornaments?

  5. Jonathan Buettner Says:

    And how are they to stay alive? I have airplants already and am a horticulture major. They need to be watered every now and then in order to live. How is one to water it if it is enclosed in glass?

  6. Meredith Says:

    These are being sold at Aldi in Chicago for $4.00!

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