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Chic DIY Copper And Wood Ladder Shelf

This chic copper and wood ladder is amazing for displaying jewelry and smaller pieces or hanging something, let’s make one! The supplies are 2 x wooden broom handles, 15mm copper pipe, a pipe cutter, wood glue, a power drill. First up decide how many rungs you want on your ladder. Drill 4 x 17mm holes at 25cm intervals on my... More

Cute DIY Little Crochet Pumpkin Garland

Let’s welcome autumn with this tutorial from mamainastitch.com, guys! Prepare orange yarn, small amount of green worsted weight yarn, size F crochet hook, a tapestry needle to weave in ends. The little pumpkins are worked in the round. If you’ve never worked in the round, you may want to look up a YouTube video on how... More

9 Awesome DIY IKEA Kura Bed Makeovers To Excite Your Kids

IKEA Kura bed is a cool piece for kids’ rooms, it’s a bunk bed ideal for shared rooms, recommended for the kids of 6 years and older. Its simple design gives freedom for your creativity, so it’s time to hack it! Kura can be decorated, hacked and turned in almost anything: a firetruck, a castle, a real shelter for your... More

DIY Aztec Printed Nightstand Makeover

This old nightstand was a huge mess before it was renovated by deliciousanddiy.com. First, it was sanded, then spray painted with chalky finish paint in white. Here there are two coats applied but you can go for as many as you need. The most difficult part is applying a pattern to the nightstand. Do the trace out with a pencil... More

Simple And Budget-Savvy DIY Shadow Box Storage

Whether you live in a small apartment or are a student living in a dorm room, finding space for storage can be difficult. To solve this problem you’ll need a paper-mache square box set Of 3-8.5″, 7.5″ & 6″, scrapbooking, wooden veneer shapes, craft paint, gold paint pen, foam brushes, Mod Podge, a... More

9 Simple And Smart DIY IKEA VITTSJÖ Shelving Unit Makeovers

IKEA VITTSJÖ shelving unit is made from tempered glass and metal, which are durable materials that provide an open, airy feel. It can be enough storage for a limited space or the foundation for a larger storage solution if you need change. Adjustable feet for stability on uneven floors. You can select the look you like best... More

Colorful DIY Doll Softies For Your Kids

These cool softies from we-are-scout.com will be a great gift for your kids, let’s make a couple. Cut out a piece of card that’s one inch square. Using the card as a guide, draw small marks on the fabric at about one inch intervals, making sure you follow the curves of the doll’s outline. Then draw a line between each of... More

How To Update An Old Tree Stump Table

We’ve already spoken about tree stump furniture, and today’s article is dedicated to the same. If you already have a tree stump piece and want to renovate it, this tutorial from delineateyourdwelling.com will help you. This tree stump table was 20 years old, and if you have something like that, you can update it easily and... More

5 Awesome DIY IKEA Mammut Kids’ Stools Hacks

Mammut chairs by IKEA is made of plastic, which makes it easy for children to carry and move. It’s a perfect and safe piece for playing, drawing, having fun, reading and so on, and its shape is so fun that every kid would love it. Still you can renovate it in various ways to make funnier and cooler, for example, spray paint... More

DIY Patterned Waterproof Bib To Make

A waterproof bib is a must in every home where there’s a baby. Today we are sharing a tutorial to make one, so prepare a bib pattern, patterned waterproof fabric, solid waterproof fabric for making bias tape, velcro for closure and thread. Print off the bib pattern. Cut out the fabric. You will need a bib front, bib back, and... More

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