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10 Awesome DIY Autumn-Inspired Jewelry Pieces

Autumn is near, so why not decorate your home and create a look inspired by this cool and cozy season? Acorns, pine cones, leaves and branches are the inspiration! Make leaves of felt and create a necklace or a bracelet of them. Looking for something more exquisite? A refined silver branches bracelet is for you! And, acorns, of... More

DIY Infinity Knot Cord Bracelet

Knots are cool for décor and your look! To make an infinity knot bracelet you’ll need 3/8″ wide white ribbon, binder clips, a fabric stiffener, fabric glue, Korean knotting cord, 1 yard of each color, fusible Velcro. Decide what you want your pattern to be. Find the center of your cords, making sure that they are all... More

Stylish DIY Etched Copper Cuff

Copper will never go out of style! To make a cool copper bracelet you’ll need copper pipe, steel wool, tin shears, a metal file, a permanent marker, hydrogen peroxide, muriatic acid, packing tape, scotch brite scour pad, baking soda, car wax or metal lacquer. Clean off the copper, wash it off and dry. Cut it in the back using... More

Simple DIY Goldstone Beads Necklace

The author of this craft found fantastic goldstone cube beads and decided to use them for a cute jewelry piece. She succeeded in making a super easy and cool-looking necklace. And if you wanna make something like that, you’ll need 4 jump rings, 2 short lengths of chain, 6 goldstone cube beads, 1 magnetic clasp, 1 small piece... More

DIY Colorful Dream Catcher

In some Native American cultures a dream catcher is a handmade necklace based on a willow hoop, on which is woven a loose net or web. The dream catcher is then decorated with sacred items such as feathers and beads. To make your own one you’ll need 3-inch embroidery hoop, yarn, thread, scissors, feathers and glue. Glue the... More

DIY Adjustable Bra Strap Bracelet

Your old bra can be given a new life – at least a part of it. Today we’ll make a bracelet of a bra strap. The supplies are a bra, some scissors, a needle and thread, buttons and beads. Cut the strap off where it meets the band, and above the part of the strap where the adjustable part starts. Get your needle and thread,... More

Beautiful DIY Silver Branches Bracelet

Though it’s hot summer now, some people prefer getting ready for everything beforehand. Let’s make a beautiful tribute to fall and winter – a refined silver branches bracelet. The supplies are 1 strand of charlotte silver-coated size 8 seed beads, 1 antique pewter twig toggle set, 5 yards of walnut brown Irish waxed linen... More

13 Charming Bohemian Jewelry Craft Ideas

Boho chic is the coolest! Bohemian pieces look awesome and very feminine, especially jewelry, that’s why today we’ll look at some boho jewelry tutorials. Boho chic is, first of all, beautiful head crowns and headpieces. Take a chain, add charms or a faux butterfly and you’ve got a great accessory for any boho-styled... More

Elegant DIY Bracelet Of A Chain And A Lace

How can you easily make an elegant bracelet without any efforts? Here’s an idea! The supplies are a chain, snaps and rings, a lace of the color you like. Actually, if you take a golden chain, take a white or a black lace to make the bracelet stylish. Put a snap on one side of the lace and interweave it with the chain links.... More

DIY Celtic Necklace Of Polymer Clay

Celtic patterns are very interesting and original, they look cool and ethnic. To make Celtic necklace of polymer clay you’ll need polymer clay of grey color, sandpaper, a toothbrush or a stiff brush, a knife, a thick needle or toothpick, a pasta machine or other tool for rolling polymer clay, acrylic paint and a brush. Roll... More

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