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Cute And Colorful DIY Macaron Pillows

Macarons are so pretty and tasty! We all love them but not everyone knows that they have a very long history, and inspired by it we offer you to make these cute macaron pillows. You’ll need 1 yard of plush coral fleece (58” wide), 1/8 yard of plush coral fleece, fiber stuffing, a paper printer, a sewing machine, a needle... More

9 Cool DIY Neck Pillows For Traveling Or Just Relaxation

A neck pillow is a necessary thing during travelling or sunbathing because your neck is relaxed and it won’t hurt even if your pose isn’t very comfy. That’s why today we’ve rounded up several pillows for adults and kids that you can make yourself. You can make it rolled or just usual, colorful or just calm; a nice idea... More

DIY Leather Belt Drawer Pulls

Wanna accentuate a drawer or a dresser? Make these cool leather drawer pulls! You’ll need a leather belt, nails, a hammer, scissors and measuring tape. Decide how long you want your handles to be and cut belt to length, remembering to add in space so that the leather can come out a couple inches from the dresser.  Remove the... More

Stylish DIY Geo Cufflinks

Geo pieces and decorations are hot, so let’s make these cufflinks for your boyfriend or father, prepare tacky glue, polymer clay, an xacto knife and gold cufflinks. Preheat oven to 275°; cut your clay into small squares or circles and hold up to your cufflinks to make sure they’re a little bigger than the cufflink surface... More

DIY Givenchy Inspired Floral Clutch

Floral clutches are fantastic for spring and summer, so feminine and chic! If you want one, you can make it yourself using just a clutch, acrylic paints (red, pink, green, black and white) and brushes. Start by painting pink blobs in varying sizes across the clutch, building depth as you go by adding strokes or red, black and... More

How To Decorate Summer Party Utensils: 8 DIYs

Summer parties are amazing! Cheerful, joyful, with lots of sunlight and summer aromas, amazing barbecues and lots, lots of fun! Everything is to be cheerful and fun – decorations, food, and even the smallest details like tableware, glassware or utensils. To make the meal adorable, decorate the utensils, which you use for... More

DIY String Bowl For Home Decor

String is a great material for crafting but did you expect making a bowl of it? No? Have a look at this tutorial! The supplies are plastic wrap, a bowl, jute twine, Mod Podge, a foam brush or bristle brush, spray paint. First, wrap three layers of plastic wrap around a bowl.  I saw later that the extra layers really help with... More

Easy DIY Leather Backpack

This bucket bag will look cool with a casual or sports outfit, to make it you’ll need leather, a sewing machine, a leather needle, a leather belt, a punch, glue. First cut the leather into two equal pieces of 30×35 cm. The edge that is at the opening of the bag, can be embellished with zigzag scissors. Now lay the two... More

DIY Sleeping Mask For Travel Enthusiasts

We’ve already told you about some sleeping masks, and here’s one more original idea for those who like travelling. The supplies are cotton canvas fabric, a sleep mask pattern, bias ribbon, elastic, wadding or cotton, pins, scissors and a sewing machine. Cut the fabric double following the edge of the pattern. Cut the same... More

13 DIY Dipped Utensil Projects For Cheerful Cooking and Meals

Got some boring utensils? Let’s make them colorful and cheerful! The easiest idea ever is just dipping them into paint and letting dry. You can choose different shades to make your cooking more cheerful – or maybe your meals, parties and picnics; dipping is not necessarily dipping into paint but also nail polish, for... More