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Travelling Time: 13 DIY Travel Wallets, Cases And Covers

The time of amazing holidays has officially begun, and I’m sure that you are already planning some awesome trip! We’ve already told you of luggage tags and travel pillows that will save you from pain in your neck, and now it’s time to pack your things in a convenient way. For that you’ll need some pouches, holders,... More

Fun And Easy DIY Wooden Key Chain

This is a great craft for kids and adults alike – or a fun joint project! You’ll need blocks of wood, sanding paper to sharpen up the edges, white color, permanent markers and something to drill the hole. Wherever you got your blocks of wood from the first thing you want to do is sand the edges. Color the surface and let it... More

11 Eye-Catching DIY Knobs And Pulls For Your Furniture

If you want to make your furniture or doors more original but don’t want to renovate the whole piece, then there’s an idea for you! Try to renovate this item with creative knobs and pulls! A very popular idea is to make leather pulls – this is amazing for any sideboard or dresser, and very easy to make, you’ll need just... More

Easy DIY Crisscross Coasters From Tiles

Wanna a couple of simple and original coasters? FallForDIY blog had shared a wonderful idea of crisscross coasters that you can easily make even with your kids! Prepare tiles, porcelain paint, a paint brush. With plenty of paint on your brush, paint stripes along the tile. Keep the spacing and brush strokes rough. Turn the tile... More

Cute DIY Updated Tea Infuser With Beads

Love tea? Then perhaps you often use a tea infuser, and today we offer you to update it with this tutorial from AlwaysRooney blog. The materials are polymer oven bake clay, leather, paint, tea infuser, paint, beads, wire. Roll out your clay and make the shapes of your choice! Decorate your beads, thread them through leather... More

Simple DIY Boho Chic Bookmarks From Sticks

There are various bookmarks to prevent you from losing the page but I’ve never seen a boho one. Haven’t either? The TenderGarden blog has shared the idea. The supplies are thin sticks, craft ropes,  scissors, paint, a small paintbrush, any color threads,  a hot glue gun, any other dried plants to decorate. Use a thread to... More

12 DIY Sachets For Perfect Aromas At Home

A sachet is a small cloth scented bag filled with herbs, potpourri, or aromatic ingredients. Scented sachets are for containing odorous substances to be laid among handkerchiefs, underwear, linen, to be hung in closets and cupboard, to be put into briefcases and luggage to perfume them. I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of... More

DIY Game Card Holder For Family Pastimes

With a few pieces of molding and some glue, you can craft these handy card holders for family game night. Add bonus points if the kids decorate and personalize their holder! You’ll need tape measure, a miter saw and hand clamps. Using a handsaw or miter saw, cut the Dividers and ¼-inch hobby board to length. Using the cut... More

DIY Printed Rosemary Car Air Freshener

This cool and cute piece is perfect as a car air freshener! To make one you’ll need clay, twine, wax paper, a roller, rosemary, cookie cutter, a toothpick. On waxed paper, roll the clay, as if you are making some dough. Be careful not to make it too thin, it should be more than half a centimeter thick. Now gently push the... More

13 Awesome DIY Plant Stands For Your Greenery

We’ve told you a lot about planters and pots to make but how to display them? You can put planters on the windowsills, mantels, shelves, coffee tables or on special plant stands. How to make one? Easily! It depends on the materials you have and the design you want to get. If you are looking for something super fast and cool,... More

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