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Easy DIY Faux Birch Rustic Place Mat

This fantastic rustic birch placemat will be perfect for any type of family dinner, including Christmas. Prepare birch wrapping paper, some leftover felt, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Speaking about felt, here it was a 14.5″x18″ rectangle but you can go for any size you like. Glue the felt to the backside of the... More

Easy To Make DIY Metallic Birch Coasters

Natural decor is always in trend! To make these cool coasters you’ll need slices of birch wood, polyurethane spray, metallic acrylic paint, paper towels and a stir stick. First, you’ll want to mix up your paint. Mix a ratio of equal parts of paint and water. You want the paint to be diluted when you use it. Once you have... More

Stylish DIY Copper And Denim Craft Caddy

This cool caddy is perfect for any desk or craft room. Prepare six tin cans, strips of denim cut from and hems of old jeans, an old screwdriver for handle, a piece of old wood such as pallet wood aproximately 35cm x 6cm, copper spray paint, coloured spray paints, acrylic varnish spray, 8 eyelets and eyelet tool, 8 wood 3.5mm... More

8 Cool And Easy To Make DIY Halloween Masks For Kids

A mask is a necessary acessory to finish the Halloween looks of your kids. A mask can polish the look or even make the whole outfit. The most popular mask are those of animals and some super heroes – they arne’t difficult to make but you’ll need some sewing skills. You can also go for cardboard or printable paper masks of... More

7 Cool DIY Door Stoppers From Various Materials

Door stoppers are needed when you have small kids or animals or just need to keep doors opened. You can buy some or just make them from the materials you have at hand. The door stopper should be comfy in using and heavy enough to hold the door, so you can make a heavy piece with a handle. For example, concrete is perfect for... More

12 Original DIY Bookmarks In Various Styles For Your Favorite Books

You may say that reading a usual book is a bit old-fashioned and everyone reads using laptops, computers, e-books and so on. But if you are in love with books with real pages, with that special aroma of the pages, you’ll love this roundup, too! These are the coolest and most original bookmarks that you can make with your... More

Simple DIY Fabric Tile Coasters To Make

We’ve seen a lot of tile coasters but in the fall we all want something softer and cozier, so let’s soften them with fabric! Prepare 4″ square white ceramic tiles, mod podge glue, 1/2 yard of fabric, 1″ foam paint brush, scissors, a pencil, a ruler. Begin by laying out your fabric and either measure out a 4″ square or... More

Cute DIY Crochet Pumpkin Coffee Cup Cozy

The fall is here, and to get more coziness to your home, you can crochet a cute pumpkin coffee cup cozy. For this project you’ll need cotton yarn in beige, orange and green, a 4mm crochet hook, scissors, a needle and thread. Stitches to know: chain, slipstitch, single crochet, double crochet, magic loop and cup sleeve. Chain... More

Stylish Yet Simple DIY Leather Magnetic Bookmarks

These cute bookmarks will be very useful either for a book or for a planner. Prepare leather scraps, magnetic strips/tape, tacky spray adhesive, black acrylic paint, a ruler and pencil, scissors, painter’s tape and a paintbrush. Measure and cut your leather to size. The bookmarks will be folded in half, so estimate the length... More

DIY Stuffed Travel Pillow With A Pattern

Getting ready for a vacation? Then a travel pillow is a must! To make one you’ll need 1/2 yard fabric, matching thread, a sewing machine, paper for pattern, a ruler & pencil, a hand sewing needle, fabric scissors & paper scissors, straight pins, stuffing and iron. Divide the paper into one inch squares. Start drawing... More

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