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7 Charming Shabby Chic Chairs To Make Your Space Refined

Shabby chic style is very refined and charming yet relaxed, that’s why many celebrities and designers create interiors and items in this style. Today we are sharing some tutorials for shabby chic chairs, suitable for your dining room or any other spaces. Pick an old chair – the more refined it looks – the better and... More

DIY Instagram Wall With Colorful Washi Tape

Obsessed with Instagram? Make your own private one at home! For this Instagram wall from sandyalamode.com you’ll need scissors, measuring tape, a level, a pencil,different kinds of washi tape, Instagram prints. Use the washi tape and create borders around the photo. Start on one side and just move your way around clockwise. ... More

Trendy DIY Concrete Stool In Black

Concrete is a big trend in interior design and decorating because of its industrial feel. The easiest way to introduce this trend in your home is by adding concrete elements, for example a stool. To make this one from sheknows.com you’ll need a plastic bucket, a bag of concrete mix, 3 same size stool legs, optional: Paint... More

8 Stylish And Cool DIY Shabby Chic Desks

Shabby chic style is extremely popular now, and everyone is trying to add a bit of chic to his or her interiors. We continue telling you how to make various furniture pieces in this style, and today’s roundup is dedicated to desks. Start making a desk, you can find some tutorial desks here. If you have a ready one, then... More

Cheerful And Bold DIY Dipped Kitchen Jars

Want to spruce up anything in your kitchen? Let’s dip these kitchen containers with this dipped project from thislittlestreet.com! You’ll need jars, spray paint, masking tape, freezer bags, letter stickers that can easily unstick, sharpie pens if you want to add patterns. If you want to protect your jars even more: clear... More

How To Customize The Stairs With Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is a useful material that is great for using throughout home, and today we are presenting an idea to use it from abeautifulmess.com – decorating your stairs! Buy five panels from Chasing Paper in order to cover our entire staircase, with some scraps left over. Then hold the wallpaper up to the stair and... More

6 Beautiful DIY Shabby Chic Dressers And Sideboards

Shabby chic style is a very beautiful vintage-inspired one, it is getting more and more trendy. Today I’d like to inspire you with some shabby chic dressers and sideboards that will look just amazing in various spaces. You need to find a dresser or a sideboard – an old or new one that you like, and then paint it with some... More

DIY Ladder Shelf Perfect For Small Spaces

A ladder can become a great storage space, which is especially cool for a tight space, so let’s have a look at this cool tutorial from burkatron.com. After you have decided what height and width you’d like your ladder cut 2 legs and as many rungs as you need from your lengths of wood. Now you’ll want the legs to... More

Trendy DIY Metallic Foil Striped Phone Case

Metallic décor is always in trend, so today I’d like to share a tutorial from thesweetestoccasion.com to decorate your phone with metallic stripes. To get started, all you need is a clear phone case and metallic foil washi tape. Give your case a good cleaning with Windex (which helps break down any fingerprints or oils... More

11 Romantic DIY Shabby Chic Jewelry Holders And Hangers

Every girls has lots of jewelry and needs to organize it, so today I’m sharing shabby chic jewelry holders. Shabby chic is perhaps one of the best styles for a jewelry hanger because it’s romantic, sophisticated and truly girlish, so let’s have a look what you can get. Old frames, hangers, vintage tableware can become a... More