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12 DIY Towel Hooks And Hangers For Every Interior

Got a small bathroom and puzzling over where to hang towels? Want to hang towels next to the kitchen sink and don’t know how? This roundup will help you to find an appropriate idea for any bathroom or kitchen and for any skills. Wire is a perfect material for such crafting, just shape it as you like and hang where you need.... More

Stylish DIY Ikea Nesna Bedside Table Hack

Ikea furniture is perfect for hacking or renovating it due to its simplicity, and today TheLovelyDrawer blog offers to hack Ikea Nesna bedside table. Besides the table you’ll need wood stain in color of your choice, cloth, gold nail polish, white adhesive vinyl, a scalpel, a cutting mat. Cover the floor or go outside so you... More

Cute DIY Perler Bead Tray With A Floral Motif

Wanna make a cute tray as a gift? Buy Perler beads! The supplies are Perler® Beads Super Sized Clear Pegboard, Perler Beads® Tray of Beads, Perler® Bead Bag – White and Free Vintage Roses Template.  Print out the Free Vintage Roses Template and place under the clear pegboard. Making sure to leave enough room for the... More

12 Original And Functional DIY Key Holders To Make

Running around and looking for your keys everywhere? Late every morning because can’t find your keys? Then a key holder is a must! There are lots and lots of fast and easy ideas to realize, so don’t hesitate to find a piece that suits you. The most popular and easy way to do that is to make a small key shelf with several... More

Bright And Quirky DIY Patterned Photo Mats

Whether you are displaying photos of your family, or other special photos, this tutorial will help you make a plain black and white photo instantly more interesting, inviting and vibe-y. The supplies are mat board, patterned paper to cover mat, spray adhesive or rubber cement, an X-Acto knife, a metal ruler, a cutting mat and a... More

Quick And Simple DIY Leather Cable Organizer

Need a cool cable organizer? Here we are with an idea from TheCraftyGentleman blog! Prepare a piece of leather, a stud fastener kit, a hammer. Cut a piece of leather into a 3 cm by 8 cm strip (or bigger/smaller depending on the cable you are making it for). Medium/heavy leather tends to work best, although a lighter weight one... More

16 Cool DIY Laptop Sleeves From Various Materials

I think everyone has a laptop today – I just can’t imagine my life without it! A laptop sleeve is a necessary thing for comfy and safe storage of your laptop, especially if are used to carry it in a bag with keys, combs and so on – as they can scratch the surface. There are a lot of ideas to make such a sleeve, the most... More

Convenient DIY Wood Tray With Leather Handles

This super stylish tray is awesome not only due to the original design but also because of leather handles that make more convenient in using. The supplies are 5×13.5 wood board, leather, screws, a cutter, scissors, a ruler, a screwdriver. Cut two wide and two thin strips of leather. If you’re using leather fabric,... More

DIY Light Up ‘Good Night’ Headboard

Light headboards are fantastic because they make the bed zone super welcoming, eye-catching and allow doing without a bedside lamp. Let’s make this beauty! You’ll need 3 – 6 foot 1×10″ alder boards for front, 1 – 6 foot 1×4″ alder boards for top, 2 – 5 foot 1×4″ alder... More

14 Original DIY Wine Cork Projects For Your Home

Got a pile of wine corks? I have good news for you! You can create almost anything using them, let’s have a look at some ideas. I’m sure that all of you have seen wine cork trivets – easy and practical but what about trays? You can take any tray you like and cover it with wine corks so that even the simplest tray would... More