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How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen: 4 Tutorials

Outdoor kitchens are fantastic and very convenient for making outdoor meals, if you have a garden or a patio, you definitely need one! There are many ideas and styles for such a kitchen, and you can build it yourself rather easily. First, find out what things you need: a kitchen island or maybe two, several grill tables or... More

8 Cool DIY Kitchen Backsplashes

A kitchen backsplash is a thing that every kitchen has but how can you easily design it? There are lots of ways! If you are looking for a rustic kitchen backsplash, make it of wood – of natural wood or just old pallets, that’s cheap and looks great. Wine corks can also comprise a fantastic kitchen backsplash and will give... More

15 Smart DIY Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

Those of you who always search for a way to organize your kitchen better came into the right place. We’ve gathered for you 15 really smart DIY projects that show how you can upgrade your cabinets to make them more practical and useful. These upgrades include making pull-out drawers, in-cabinet wine glass holders, and... More

35 Open Kitchen Shelving Inspirations

As we already showed you open kitchen shelves could be a very good storage solution for your kitchen. They easily can change the whole look of your kitchen but it’s much harder to maintain them clean than to do the same with simple cabinets. Although if you’ll decide to make a bunch of open shelves on your kitchen... More

7 Cool Kitchens Placed Under The Stairs

A while back we already showed you a bunch of cool space saving solutions to use the space under the stairs. Although I want to be more specific and show you how you can use this space to fit a kitchen there. That’s great solution for a small kitchen when the space is at a premium. Although such kitchen should be... More

8 Ideas To Use Room Divider As An Extra Storage Space On A Kitchen

If your kitchen is open plan with dining area or living room, you can easily create an extra storage on it. You can divide the space with tall, free-standing shelves that can house cookware, tableware, books and other stuff you need there. Although if you will make such room divider, ensure that the shelves are super-sturdy... More

53 Cool Pull Out Kitchen Drawers And Shelves

We all have cabinets and drawers on our kitchens. Some of them are quite practical while some other aren’t. Usually the most practical one are cabinets that feature pull out drawers and shelves. They provide much more easier access to things inside. There are many kinds of them and thanks to that you can put bottles,... More

57 Practical Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas

Those of you who like to cook know how to hard is to fit all stuff you need into a contemporary kitchen. Not many of us have large enough kitchens to find there place for all modern appliances, kitchen tools, sauces, spices and food. Although everybody have a bunch of cabinets with drawers on their kitchens. We’ve... More

31 Practical Kitchen Rail Storage Ideas

When it comes to kitchen storage there are a lot of options to organize it. That’s great because as small as big kitchens need it. You need to find a place for pots, skillets, tableware, spices, sauces, tools, appliances and other things that can be found on modern kitchens. We already showed you a large series of ideas... More

15 Ideas To Hang Mirror On A Kitchen

Hanging a mirror on a kitchen is a great and not traditional idea. It can visibly increase the space and add more light to the kitchen. Even though the mirror on the kitchen isn’t very practical because of all these grease and soil it is still a good idea to hang it because it’ll make great decorative statement.... More

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