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16 Lively Neon DIYs For Home Décor

Add color to your interior! Bright splashes of various colors will raise your mood and give you energy even on the gloomiest day. Neon shades look very modern and hot, so we’ve rounded up some amazing DIYs based on them. Just some paint, spray paint or neon washi tape will help you in crafting. Start from furniture and lights... More

23 DIY Polka Dot Projects For Home Décor

It’s summer and it’s time to add some color and fun patterns to your décor! What about polka dot? It’s rustic, fun and so cutie! You can use this pattern almost everywhere: on the walls, on the glassware, on the napkins and tablecloths, on furniture, rugs and accessories, have a look! Making polka dot things is very... More

9 Extremely Easy Duct Tape DIYs For Home Décor

Duct tape is great not only for attaching something, you won’t believe it but it’s amazing for home décor! Decorating with it is even easier than dipping, you just need some fun tape of the colors and patterns you prefer. No skills are required, and you can easily make these crafts with your kids or just leave it to them.... More

8 DIY Dipped Accessories For Home Décor

We continue telling you about dipping different things and today we’ll talk about dipping various accessories that we use for home décor. Dipping planters and vases is the first thing, cool and easy to do, then you can take photo frames and picture frames and dip them, too. Dipped garlands? Yes, please! You can dip any... More

How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen: 4 Tutorials

Outdoor kitchens are fantastic and very convenient for making outdoor meals, if you have a garden or a patio, you definitely need one! There are many ideas and styles for such a kitchen, and you can build it yourself rather easily. First, find out what things you need: a kitchen island or maybe two, several grill tables or... More

5 DIY Penny Kitchen Countertops

We’ve already told you about wooden and concrete countertops but what about more original ideas? What would you say to a penny covered countertop? Many of us have much change at home or maybe some old coins that you don’t know how to use. Take all of them and create a unique penny countertop for your kitchen! You’ll have... More

10 Awesome Easter Baskets Of Fabric Or Threads

Continuing the theme of Easter décor, we’d like to tell you about fabric Easter baskets for eggs, chocolate bunnies and other pieces. You can’t even imagine how different these baskets may be! From just folding fabric to transforming a doily into a basket! If you are good at crocheting or knitting, then you can easily use... More

8 DIY Indoor Moss Decorations For Spring Décor

Moss is ideal for spring décor because it’s cheap, easy to find and great for crafting. We’ve already told you about outdoor moss decorations but what about indoor? A topiary is the easiest idea for home décor, and moss balls put into a bowl look great and refreshing. Moss terrariums or pots with moss are great for décor... More

8 DIY Outdoor Moss Decorations

Moss is amazing for spring décor, so you can use it easily to decorate not only for Easter but for spring on the whole. Let’s start from outdoor décor! Make a moss wreath and decorate it with spring flowers (maybe not natural ones), and add a touch you want – ribbon, burlap, sequins and other decorations. Another cool... More

How To Grow Spring Flowers Indoors: 5 DIYs

Spring flowers are a good idea for décor – they are fresh, bright and bring joy inside, they help you breathing the spring in! Buying and arranging them is right what you need but what about growing them yourself? In case it’s cold in your place, growing them inside is a good idea. You’ll need to buy some cool glass... More