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Awesome DIY Leaf-Patterned Tablecloth

Enjoy the fall charm! Its breath is in every detail – and the nature is so beautiful! Bring a piece of this beauty to your home making this leaf printed tablecloth or towels. You’ll need some leaves, acrylic craft paint or fabric paint, a foam brush, some linens (such as a tablecloth, tea towel, etc.) and scrap paper, cardboard or paper plate. Put some paint on the paper plate and add water. Apply a thin, even coat of paint to the back of the leaf using short, even strokes. Carefully place the leaf — painted side down — onto your fabric. Hold in place firmly, but gently, with one hand so that the leaf doesn’t slip, don’t rub it. Peel the leaf straight up by the stem and repeat all the actions until you get the desired pattern. Let dry and decorate your house in the fall style!

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