9 DIY Dipped Chair Tutorials For Any Taste

black and bronze chair

black and bronze chair (via house-nerd)

The easiest way to renovate anything is dying it –  it’s fast, budget-friendly and doesn’t require special skills. We’ve already told you how to make or renovate vases using this idea, and today we’ll talk about furniture, and particularly chairs. So, if you have a plain or just old chair, you can take some paint (or spray paint) and masking tape to decorate it the way you like. You can dip the whole chair and then mask the legs and dip them with some neon color – or just dip the legs, it’s one of the hottest trends today. Renovate your chair and give it a new life with the tutorials below!

white chairs with aqua legs

white chairs with aqua legs (via abubblylife)

paint dipped chair

paint dipped chair (via house-pretty)

ep05 dip dye chair

ep05 dip dye chair (via homemade-modern)

dipped bentwood chair

dipped bentwood chair (via piesandpuggles)

chalk and craft painted chair

chalk and craft painted chair (via thehappyhousie)

dipped work armchair

dipped work armchair (via tealandlime)

gold dipped chair

gold dipped chair (via markovadesign)

dip dye chair

dip dye chair (via fortheloveof)

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