8 Creative Recycled Lamps You Can Make

DIY recycled bottle lamps

DIY recycled bottle lamps (via shelterness)

Creating lamps is art! You may make them of many different materials but it’s cool to make them of some old objects – it’s giving new life to them. Have a look at some ideas we’ve found for you. Do you have some old liquor bottles? Make a lamp! Add a lampshade to a Jack Daniel’s bottle and impress your guests! You may also put some lights inside a bottle and create an original lamp this way. Perfect kitchen lights may be made of vintage porcelain with minimal modification. Old wine corks can also compose a cool lampshade; an unusual lampshade may be made of your X-rays and of Coke bottles. Enjoy!

DIY porcelain kitchen lamps

DIY porcelain kitchen lamps (via shelterness)

DIY liquor bottle lamps

DIY liquor bottle lamps (via shelterness)

DIY wine cork lamp

DIY wine cork lamp (via earth911)

DIY cups lamp

DIY cups lamp (via aditiodyssey)

DIY mini oil lamp

DIY mini oil lamp (via hiconsumption)

DIY X ray lamp

DIY X-ray lamp (via hiconsumption)

DIY coke bottle lamp

DIY coke bottle lamp (via whatimade)

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