8 Cool Outdoor Sandboxes For Your Kids

sandbox with benches and lid

sandbox with benches and lid (via statelykitsch)

We’ve already told you of many outdoor ideas like furniture, pergolas and planters, and now it’s time to make something for our kids. For the smallest ones a sandbox would be a cool idea – it’s a place where they can spend time playing safely with other kids and making pies. You can easily make a sandbox for your garden of concrete, wood, pallets, bricks and many other materials. A more advanced idea is a sandbox with lid and benches; you may also fill the box with rocks – they are more eco-friendly. Look for some more ideas below and have fun building!

eco friendly sandbox

eco-friendly sandbox (via athome)

rock box

rock box (via blog)

simple sandbox

simple sandbox (via nanaspetals)

brick sandbox

brick sandbox (via apartmenttherapy)

outdoor sandbox

outdoor sandbox (via tlc)

tire sandbox

tire sandbox (via raiseaboy)

wooden sandbox

wooden sandbox (via diynetwork)

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