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35 Indoor And Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas

We all know how easy it’s to maintain life in succulents. That is what make them so perfect for indoor and if it possible outdoor gardens. There are so many kinds of succulents that you can create really beautiful compositions in harmonious colors. Besides a lot of things can be used as containers and fillers so it’s very easy to make your small or big succulent garden cool and unique. Check out these pictures to find some inspiration if you need it.

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  1. Storage Says:

    Hey Mike, you know i how many guys will be using that high heel flower holder idea for next valentine’s day? What a great idea. I don’t know any women that wouldn’t want flowers and shoes…. Thanks for helping me out, even if it’s seven months in advance :)

  2. susan seabury Says:

    Awesome !! Love every single one !

  3. Candy Suter Says:

    Hi Mike, fabulous ideas! Some I have done and some I haven’t thought of! Great post!

  4. Linda Says:

    Mike you are a genius with the plants and the designs. I so love Succulents but cannot get them to grow so nice and big as yours. Do you charge $ for secrets? Ha! Linda

  5. vickie tucker Says:

    It looks like some of your pictures are taken outside.
    Can these succulents survive the Txs heat?

  6. Monique Says:

    I love each and everyone of these. Do you need to use a certain type of soil on succulents? How often do you need to water them?

  7. Shelley Says:

    These arrangements are wonderful!!! Would love some tips for obtaining some unusual varieties—and growing them. Soil? I have many succulents here in Florida–but would love to expand my collection. Suggestions?

  8. Sarah Says:

    Hi Mike! how were you able to create your little turtle? May I ask how you were you able to do it? thanks!1

  9. Donna Says:

    These are some of the most creative ideas I have ever seen. Great job! My question is which succluents can take full sun, and which ones can take only a little morning sun (along side the walkway) which is near a automatic sprinkler?

  10. Debra Lee Baldwin Says:

    Five of these are from my book, Succulent Container Gardens. Glad you found them helpful.

  11. Mohsen Forootannasab Says:

    Really your website is full of good ideas to make our environment beauty.

  12. Teresa davis Says:

    I love the turtle.. How would i get one?

  13. Barb Brown Says:

    I love the turtle. Do you have the instructions for making this?

  14. Carol Jones Says:

    I love each and every one of the succulent shots. The turtle however is my favorite. Can you e-mail directions?

    Thanks, in advance!!!


  15. Ana Says:

    Absolutely beautiful !! Can you please email me instructions how to make the turtle and the ring ones. Many thanks. Ana

  16. Driekie ranki Says:

    Hi mike, the turtle is a fabulous idea. I would love to make one. Would you mind to send me the instructions? Regards Driekie

  17. Sarah Says:

    Would also love instructions on how to make the adorable turtle!!

  18. Debra Lee Baldwin Says:

    I’m going to have to request that you remove the copyrighted photos from my books shown here. I didn’t mind at first, in fact I was pleased you liked them enough to include them, but what has happened is that they’ve been pinned and reposted so many times, that I might as well have given them away. Doing so devalues my books. Another option is for you to replace them with watermarked images. Please contact me and I will happily make these available to you. Many thanks!

  19. Laura Says:

    Well I made a big mistake, by putting mayonise on my succulents. After 5 days all my succulents started turning brown. And dying.. I felt like crying. I have so many . I love my plants. I’ve been rinceing my pants., everyday . Now I feel I putting to much water. What should I do..?

  20. Liz Says:

    These pics are great but….credit needs to be given to those responsible for the pics. People seem to think “Mike” is responsible for them all, but thanks to Debra Lee Baldwin’s comments, clearly “Mike” has copied and pasted other people’s pictures and placed them here without saying where they came from. That’s just lazy blogging. I’m sure if Debra had been asked, she would have gladly provided certain pics granted she was credited so people such as myself could become familiar with her work. Debra, thank you for commenting because I have discovered your site and your book and it is phenomenal! I’ll be going there from now on.

  21. Jamie Says:

    Debra, you should thank this person and be glad you commented! If you click on Debra’s name it takes you to her website! This does not devalue your book it actually shows why you want to buy it!

  22. Mike Says:

    Yes, we would happy to replace your images with watermarked ones. Just tell us which one are yours and where to get watermarked ones.

  23. Helen Callahan Says:

    I love that turtle do you have the form to make it on or where you cane buy it. Thanks so much

  24. Giggles Says:

    Where are the sources and credit for all of these ideas?

  25. Stephanie Says:

    Several people, including myself, are interested in the turtle succulent. Does anyone respond to the queries? I see lots of questions and no answers?

  26. Mike Says:

    Yep =) Although we can’t answer the question about the turtle succulent. Sorry.

  27. Julie Says:

    I love the blue container with the sea glass and tiny lighted hen and chicks. It looks like Monet’s Lilly paintings. How are the lights done? Are they manufactured sting lights? Candles? Or a DIY project. How can I achieve this look? Thank you.

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