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35 Ideas To Use Old Shoes As Planters

Repurposing and reusing old things isn’t a new idea. Although using old shoes as planters for some people is. This solution is useful for a small backyard garden because sometimes there isn’t enough open ground space and you don’t need to spend money on containers. Besides, you might know the feeling when you don’t want to throw away a pair of shoes but you know that you won’t wear them. We’ve gathered some examples showing which plants you can put in them and how these shoes would look like planters. Enjoy!


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  1. fatemeh Says:


    i am from iran

    i love yor site…

  2. Charlene Boardman Says:

    I love all these ideas, simply stunning. Great fun! I’m gonna get my Grandsons, 4 and 2, to help me make some. :)

  3. Lis Says:

    Love these ideas – last summer I decoupaged my old rubber gardening clogs and planted little flowers in them. Put a raw hide string through the heels and hung them up. Got lots of compliments on them.

  4. Felicia Says:

    I am Felicia, I love the idea of shoe-plant.
    Do you know what type of flowers and plants could be used for these? Any recommendation?

    Kind Regards,


  5. Antoinette Says:

    How colourfull and fun, such a waste to discard of things and I always look for something to plant flowers in, will ask friends for their old shoes now.

  6. Trish Says:

    The first picture you have is an actual biodegradable shoe by the company ROOTS. They have seeds in the tongue of the shoe, so when you are done with the shoe you can literally plant it in the ground, water it and watch plants bloom from your old shoe. Pretty neat company. Love the ideas you have posted!

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