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25 Cool Handmade Christmas Stockings With Tutorails

Easy Stocking Tutorial (via u-createcrafts)

There are plenty of great Christmas stockings in stores nowadays. Although handmade stockings are much better because they really invite stuffing. They can be made of felt, burlap, old sweaters and socks and many other materials. Some of them need to be sewed while some other are much more easy to make. Here are some tutorials that might help you with that.

Easy DIY Christmas Stockings (via eventful-occasions)

Jingle Bell Stockings (via marthastewart)

Keepsake Stocking (via marthastewart)

Sparkling No-Sew Christmas Stockings (via afancifultwist)

The Homemade Stockings (via amberpless)

Vintage Christmas Stockings (via susieharrisblog)

DIY Christmas Stockings (via thisandthatcreative)

Christmas Stocking Pattern (via isbellfamily4christ)

Sweater Stocking (via marthastewart)

Elf Stocking (via sew4home)

Swedish Dala Horse Stocking (via allsorts)

Burlap Christmas Stockings (via dearlillieblog)

No-Knit Christmas Sweater Stockings (via hgtv)

Reindeer Christmas Stockings (via prudentbaby)

Silverware Stocking To Spice Up Festive Dinner (via familyfun)

Whimsical Christmas Stocking (via positivelysplendid)

Kids Pom Pom Christmas Stocking (via nz)

Pinecone Stocking (via marthastewart)

Mini Stocking (via marthastewart)

Nutcracker Stockings (via marthastewart)

Christmas Tree Stockings (via marthastewart)

Handmade Christmas Burlap Stockings (via southernliving)

Retro Christmas Stockings (via simplynotable)

DIY Silhouette Stockings (via parents)


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