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25 Cool Ceiling Molding And Trim Ideas

Moldings are probably the most original decorations you can use to spice up your ceilings. They can be made of many materials and feature very original designs so it’s easy to make your ceilings unique. They can be used as for classic as for modern interiors. Ceiling moldings can be made by hand but there are also plenty of them you can buy pre-made. Check out these examples and probably you’ll find some interesting ideas for yourself.


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  1. Jennifer henderson Says:

    I would like to know more about how to get the ornamentation.

  2. Chet Gilbertson Says:

    I need help with a small job. I just have a 1 room job,
    Paint 2 window trims, and a ceiling. Room is about 25 Ft.
    By 15 Ft. Windows are 5 ft. x 8 ft. I also have a french
    door but that can wait for now as I have to have this done
    by this thurs.

  3. jieyama Says:


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