24 Comfortable DIY Poufs And Ottomans

Portable DIY pouf

Portable DIY pouf (via livingwithpunks)

You may easily make a pouf or an ottoman that will accent your interior and it’s a very functional piece as you may sit on it, put your feet, it may serve as a chair for your kid or a bed for your pet.  Choose colors that combine well and the design you want – a Moroccan pouf, a zebra pouf for your kid, or an ottoman of a party dress. There are hundreds of ideas of the material to use: denim for more durability, an old party dress may become a source of fabric, an old sweater, even a rug. Have a look at some ideas below and start creating a lovely piece of furniture!

DIY beanbag pouf

DIY beanbag pouf (via apartmenttherapy)

Pouf with geometric pattern

Pouf with geometric pattern (via imnotquitemartha)

Light colored fluffy pouf

Light-colored fluffy pouf (via zayandzo)

DIY ottoman

DIY ottoman (via domesticadventure)

DIY Moroccan pouf

DIY Moroccan pouf (via textile-love)

DIY floor pouf

DIY floor pouf (via kayladanelle)

DIY square pouf

DIY square pouf (via thecre8tiveoutlet)

DIY structured ottoman

DIY structured ottoman (via makingniceinthemidwest)

IKEA floor mat pouf

IKEA floor mat pouf (via retropolitanhip)

round colored floor pouf

round colored floor pouf (via designsponge)

simple floor pouf

simple floor pouf (via decoratingthedorchesterway)

pinterest beanbag pouf

pinterest beanbag pouf (via younghouselove)

rollie pollie pouf

rollie-pollie- pouf (via soyouthinkyourecrafty)

rug bag pouf

rug bag pouf (via dollarstorecrafts)

DIY knitted pouf

DIY knitted pouf (via pickles)

denim pouf

denim pouf (via michelemademe)

DIY pouf of party dress

DIY pouf of party dress (via bromeliadliving)

DIY square seating pouf

DIY square seating pouf (via yvonnekoo)

DIY beanbag cube pouf

DIY beanbag cube pouf (via theochrelephant)

DIY felt flower pouf

DIY felt flower pouf (via jandjhome)

DIY coffee sack ottoman

DIY coffee sack ottoman (via thecountrychiccottage)

DIY petit pouf tutorial

DIY petit pouf tutorial (via ajennuinelife)

small knitted pouf

small knitted pouf (via blogalacart)

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