24 Awesome DIY Christmas Tree Balls To Make Your Tree Unique

DIY snow tree ornament

DIY snow tree ornament (via craftberrybush)

A month and a half is left before Christmas and it’s high time to think over your home décor, table design and Christmas tree decorations, of course. Christmas tree is one of the main pieces in your home, your closest people and the guests will pay much attention to it, so you need to make it unique, attracting attention and creating the holiday atmosphere. That’s why we’d like to draw your attention to these DIY Christmas tree ornaments that are rather easy to make and will give your tree a special look. Colorful, transparent, sparkling or icy – choose your own balls to decorate your fir tree and create a cozy atmosphere.

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Penguin ornament

Penguin ornament (via littlegrayfox)

DIY rosemary filled ornaments

DIY rosemary filled ornaments (via thecheesethief)

DIY snow globe ornament

DIY snow globe ornament (via nelliebellie)

Glass paper glitter DIy ornaments

Glass paper glitter DIy ornaments (via warmhotchocolate)

DIY glitter filled balls

DIY glitter filled balls (via mom4real)

Hot cocoa ornaments

Hot cocoa ornaments (via projectwedding)

Simple painted ornaments

Simple painted ornaments (via littlegrayfox)

Candy sprinkles balls

Candy sprinkles balls (via littlegrayfox)

Felt Christmas balls

Felt Christmas balls (via megduerksen)

Book page stars ornaments

Book page stars ornaments (via thecheesethief)

Emoticon ornaments

Emoticon ornaments (via thecheesethief)

Scrapbook paper balls

Scrapbook paper balls (via thecraftysisters)

Chalkboard ornaments

Chalkboard ornaments (via rustsunshine)

Icy snowball ornaments

Icy snowball ornaments (via )

DIY quote ornaments

DIY quote ornaments (via angryasiancreations)

DIY sequin ornaments

DIY sequin ornaments (via dobleufa)

DIY glitter ornaments

DIY glitter ornaments (via cooklovecraft)

Feather Christmas balls

Feather Christmas balls (via cooklovecraft)

DIY scalloped Christmas balls

DIY scalloped Christmas balls (via laurawears)

Painted Christmas balls

Painted Christmas balls (via freshhomeideas)

Transparent Christmas ornaments

Transparent Christmas ornaments (via julieannart)

Crayon Christmas ornaments

Crayon Christmas ornaments (via )

Ombre glass ornaments

Ombre glass ornaments (via ambrosiagirl)

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