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23 Easy And Fast DIY Chair Makeovers

modern mid-century chair makeover

modern mid-century chair makeover (via billiemonster)

Revamping old furniture is not only a cool idea but also one of the hottest trends today because making new furniture of the old is great, ecologic and saves lots of materials and your money. Today we’ll discuss how to makeover a chair. Dying a chair is the simplest idea to realize, you’ll need just some paint or spray paint. If you don’t want to change the color, just add a pattern using the stencil you like. Re-upholsting is also a cool idea, a little bit more difficult but still. Decorating with yarn or stitching the chair is a cool and crafty way to change it. There is a plenty of other creative ideas, dip into the gallery below!

vintage tufted chair makeover

vintage tufted chair makeover (via thegoldensycamore)

folding chair makeover

folding chair makeover (via shelterness)

reupholstered steelcase chair

reupholstered steelcase chair (via howaboutorange)

stenciled chair revamp

stenciled chair revamp (via shelterness)

colorful floral chair makeover

colorful floral chair makeover (via mashiacrafts)

patchwork chair makeover

patchwork chair makeover (via sombrerodeideas)

romantic pink chair makeover

romantic pink chair makeover (via shelterness)

aluminum chair makeover

aluminum chair makeover (via abeautifulmess)

office chair makeover

office chair makeover (via dreamalittlebigger)

upcycling old chairs

upcycling old chairs (via nowaddsugar)

cross-stitching an old chair

cross-stitching an old chair (via mypoppet)

kitchen chair upcycling

kitchen chair upcycling (via boyohboyohboycrafts)

geometric chair upcycling

geometric chair upcycling (via hejjuni)

thrift store chair makeover

thrift store chair makeover (via mysocalledcraftylife)

adding upholstery to chairs

adding upholstery to chairs (via eatknitanddiy)

dining room chairs makeover

dining room chairs makeover (via https:)

oilcloth chair makeover

oilcloth chair makeover (via designimprovised)

office chair slipcover

office chair slipcover (via positivelysplendid)

decorating a rattan chair with yarn

decorating a rattan chair with yarn (via aurelieaime)

thrifted vanity chair makeover

thrifted vanity chair makeover (via lizmarieblog)

upcycling an old chair with a French twist

upcycling an old chair with a French twist (via jennifersmentionables)

chevron chair upcycle

chevron chair upcycle (via starsforstreetlights)


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