20 Colorful And Creative DIY Spring Centerpieces

DIY paper butterflies centerpiece

DIY paper butterflies centerpiece (via midwestliving)

Get ready for spring! Let’s make some pretty spring centerpieces to decorate your table and feel the flourishing season! To make your simple flower centerpiece more original, add curly willow tips inside the vase. Flowers made of colorful felt are also cool and won’t wither. Eggs and daffodils would remind you of Easter; large white peonies in nests instead of eggs look unusual and so spring-like! Pink peonies are awesome in a topiary centerpiece, candles in combination with rough wood pieces and fresh flowers would give your table a rustic touch. Look for more ideas below and go spring!

blooming moss ball centerpiece

blooming moss ball centerpiece (via craftsncoffee)

paper and gerbera cones

paper and gerbera cones (via craftsncoffee)

hipster gerbera daisy cubes

hipster gerbera daisy cubes (via craftsncoffee)

tulips and moss centerpiece

tulips and moss centerpiece (via craftsncoffee)

white tulips container

white tulips container (via craftsncoffee)

raffia and daisies centerpiece

raffia and daisies centerpiece (via craftsncoffee)

coneflower and bird's nest

coneflower and bird's nest (via craftsncoffee)

DIY rustic spring centerpiece

DIY rustic spring centerpiece (via kellyhicksdesign)

manzanita in rectangle vase

manzanita in rectangle vase (via blog)

DIY cabbage centerpiece

DIY cabbage centerpiece (via midwestliving)

DIY pink tulips centerpiece

DIY pink tulips centerpiece (via midwestliving)

DIY sunny cheer centerpiece

DIY sunny cheer centerpiece (via midwestliving)

DIY artichoke centerpiece

DIY artichoke centerpiece (via midwestliving)

DIY pink peony topiary

DIY pink peony topiary (via twotwenty-one)

DIY white peony nests

DIY white peony nests (via letsentertain)

DIY blue eggs and daffodils centerpiece

DIY blue eggs and daffodils centerpiece (via blog)

DIY flower and eggs centerpiece

DIY flower and eggs centerpiece (via scatteringlupines)

spring felt flower centerpiece

spring felt flower centerpiece (via linesacross)

DIY fresh flower and willow centerpiece

DIY fresh flower and willow centerpiece (via ellinee)

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