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19 Kids’ Valentine’s Day Crafts

DIY kids' heart T-shirt (via )

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday for everybody as love all ages yield surrender, they say. We’ve found some cool kids crafts to make for your kids and with your kids for this holiday. Make some clothes with heart pattern – a T-shirt, a decoration for his or her outfit. A marshmallow necklace will be a success, and so will any delicious sweet treats you make. Make some gifts and cards with your kids: pretty small hearts envelopes with candies, glitter hearts, glitter dough valentines, love clay hearts, heart pocket bracelets with sweets and many others. Use your imagination and make this day awesome for your kid!

DIY sleeve heart (via thesoho)

DIY felt hearts (via hubbymademe)

DIY glitter hearts (via make-life-lovely)

DIY polymer clay gift box (via creatorsjoy)

DIY glitter play dough valentines (via make-life-lovely)

DIY clay hearts (via smallforbig)

DIY valentine candy pops (via thedecoratedcookie)

DIY paper roll heart stamp (via blogalacart)

DIY felt valentines (via redzoegirl)

DIY rose candies (via )

DIY fuzzy cake balls (via hungryhappenings)

DIY marshmallow love bugs (via thedecoratedcookie)

DIY candy necklace (via )

DIY geometric valentine hearts (via smallforbig)

DIY hanging decoration (via thecheesethief)

DIY photo project (via kristineldridge)

DIY bracelet purse (via merrimentdesign)

DIY knit valentines (via flaxandtwine)


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