16 Creative DIY Indoor Gardens

indoor teacup succulent garden

indoor teacup succulent garden (via shelterness)

Though it’s still summer, cold seasons aren’t far away and if you’d like to enjoy nature and greenery even when it’s cold outside, you’ll need an indoor garden. Choose some pretty plants and begin making an original small garden that suits your interior or décor. Succulents, cacti and air plants are the most unpretentious plants to choose and don’t require much attention and care. As planters you may use almost anything: from a vintage tea cup to an old book and snail shells. Wanna make a creative garden? Build a vertical one or a hanging one. Look for more ideas below and make an indoor garden that suits your home!

pallet living wall garden

pallet living wall garden (via beersnbeans)

indoor tabletop water garden

indoor tabletop water garden (via shelterness)

hanging home garden

hanging home garden (via curbly)

mini succulent and cacti garden

mini succulent and cacti garden (via shelterness)

simple indoor succulent garden

simple indoor succulent garden (via thestitcherati)

mini magnet garden

mini magnet garden (via shelterness)

indoor herb garden

indoor herb garden (via designfixation)

snail shells garden

snail shells garden (via shelterness)

old cups herb garden

old cups herb garden (via housetohome)

old fashioned kettles garden

old fashioned kettles garden (via shelterness)

indoor fairy garden

indoor fairy garden (via dabblesandbabbles)

tabletop miniature garden

tabletop miniature garden (via shelterness)

hanging string garden

hanging string garden (via shelterness)

ceramic book garden

ceramic book garden (via shelterness)

succulent teacup garden

succulent teacup garden (via shelterness)

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