How To Make A Mini Succulent Garden From A Piece Of Wood

Diy Mini Succulent Garden

Succulents and cactuses are perfect plants for mini gardens that can grow indoors as well as outdoors. You don’t need a greenhouse for them and they are very easy to grow. You just need to find a bright place for them and water them 2-4 times a month.

In order to make a mini garden you need several terracotta pots of different sizes, a small collection of succulents and cactuses, a piece of pine wood and a drill with several spade bits. You can also use some kind of stain to make the mini garden even more beautiful and durable.

The making a stand for you garden is very simple. Just drill holes in your piece of wood. The holes should have the same diametrs as your pots. You can sand and stain the stand to make it even cooler.

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Diy Mini Succulent Garden