15 Handmade Outdoor Lights And Lamps

diy yarn lanterns

diy yarn lanterns (via splashofsomething)

Spring is a perfect season to spend time in your garden. Is it green already? Are the flowers going to blossom? Garden parties are amazing at this time of the year. To spend a good time in the evening or at night you’ll need some outdoor lights, and here are some ideas. First of all, candles! Candles give a romantic touch, that’s why lanterns with them are always popular. Tin cans are perfect for changing into rustic and simple lamps and so are usual wine bottles. Below you’ll find some more ideas like glass orbs for lighting and cupcake lanterns, both for relaxation and crazy parties, get inspired!

outdoor hanging lamp

outdoor hanging lamp (via shelterness)

wire outdoor chandelier

wire outdoor chandelier (via shelterness)

outdoor glass globe lights

outdoor glass globe lights (via inmyownstyle)

colorful ice lanterns

colorful ice lanterns (via craftiments)

yarn candle holders of tin cans

yarn candle holders of tin cans (via gardentherapy)

wired outdoor tea light holders

wired outdoor tea light holders (via shelterness)

wine bottle lamps

wine bottle lamps (via myhomelifemag)

classy outdoor glass lanterns

classy outdoor glass lanterns (via shelterness)

cupcake outdoor lights

cupcake outdoor lights (via cfabbridesigns)

solar lights of mason jars

solar lights of mason jars (via shelterness)

tin cans lanterns

tin cans lanterns (via growcreative)

outdoor fire pit

outdoor fire pit (via theflourishingabode)

diy outdoor lamp

diy outdoor lamp (via gardentherapy)

outdoor glowing orbs

outdoor glowing orbs (via theartofdoingstuff)

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