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15 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

DIY valentine

DIY valentine's day soap (via shelterness)

Valentine’s Day is at hand and it’s high to think about how you spend it: will you have a party or an intimate dinner for two? What table settings and centerpieces would you choose? And, the most important, what will you give to your other half? We’ve found some cool and easy ideas that won’t take much time or efforts to make. An envelope with something sweet is the simplest and the most popular. You can make not only a paper envelope but a felt one or even knit it. Some heart jewelry would be a great gift not only for grownups but also for kids. Notepads, soap and even tree branches and rocks with declarations of love – turn on your imagination and go Valentine!

DIY valentine pillow box

DIY valentine pillow box (via gomakeme)

DIY heart wall lamp

DIY heart wall lamp (via paperplateandplane)

DIY knit valentine pockets

DIY knit valentine pockets (via flaxandtwine)

valentine gumball necklace

valentine gumball necklace (via onecharmingparty)


valentine's day cookies (via cutefoodforkids)

DIY pixel heart necklace

DIY pixel heart necklace (via howaboutorange)

DIY valentine

DIY valentine's day bookmarks (via whatwillwedotoday)

simple DIY heart bracelet

simple DIY heart bracelet (via ohhappyday)

DIY reasons-to-love book

DIY reasons-to-love book (via littlegrayfox)

DIY dates jar

DIY dates jar (via papervinenz)


valentine's mini cashier (via fineandfeathered)

DIY felt fortune cookies

DIY felt fortune cookies (via thewonderforest)

DIY valentine

DIY valentine's day outdoor gifts (via radmegan)

DIY paper candy heart

DIY paper candy heart (via irinascutebox)


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  1. Hellokittyhayes Says:

    Bee mine bookmarks

    1. Coloered papper yellow and white
    2. Cut the yellow papper into a oval and cut the white pice of papper into a bookmark shape
    3. Glue the yellow oval to the white and write lines on it to make it look like a bee
    4. Write bee mine
    5. Give them out to friends!

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