15 Cool DIY Halloween Lanterns And Luminaries

Diy Lighted Skulls

DIY Lighted Skulls

Lanterns and luminaries are those Halloween decorations that any house should feature. They can easily be made by yourself from such things as jars, paper cups, pumpkins and so on. Just not forget to put a candle or a Christmas light string in them. Here are some tutorials that might help you:

Diy Ghost Luminaries

DIY Ghost Luminaries

DIY Glowing Monster Jars

DIY Glowing Monster Jars

Diy Halloween Lantern Garland

DIY Halloween Lantern Garland

Diy Hanging Pumpkin Lanterns

DIY Hanging Pumpkin Lanterns

DIY Glowing Milk Jug Ghosts

DIY Glowing Milk Jug Ghosts

DIY Hanging Vellum Halloween Lanterns

DIY Hanging Vellum Halloween Lanterns

Diy Jar Lanterns

DIY Jar Lanterns

Diy Lantern Halloween Silhouettes

DIY Lantern Halloween Silhouettes

Diy Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns

DIY Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns

Diy Painted Jar Halloween Luminaries

DIY Painted Jar Halloween Luminaries

Diy Silhouette Hallowen Lanterns

DIY Silhouette Halloween Lanterns

Diy Spooky Hallowen Lanterns

DIY Spooky Halloween Lanterns

Diy Spooky Outdoor Halloween Lanterns

DIY Spooky Outdoor Halloween Lanterns

Diy Halloween Mummy Lanterns

DIY Halloween Mummy Lanterns

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