14 Alternative DIY Easter Egg Decor Ideas

colorful sharpie Easter eggs

colorful sharpie Easter eggs (via tinyrottenpeanuts)

We all got used to dying Easter eggs in different colors but if you want a change, have a look at these alternative ways to decorate the eggs. Chalkboard paint is ideal as gives an opportunity to leave messages or chalk right on the eggs. Decoupage is not a very easy technique though very original for décor: you can give the eggs a vintage touch using retro newspapers or note paper. Don’t want to waste time? Just wrap the eggs with twine or colorful threads, and you’re done! Sharpies are perfect for easy and quick egg décor, and your kids can decorate the eggs with them – so much fun! Read the tutorials below to find out how to do that and Happy Easter!

chalkboard Easter eggs

chalkboard Easter eggs (via shelterness)

crochet Easter eggs

crochet Easter eggs (via coffeeandvanilla)

crayon Easter eggs

crayon Easter eggs (via shelterness)

rope wrapped eggs

rope wrapped eggs (via sas-does)

colorful thread eggs

colorful thread eggs (via tinyrottenpeanuts)

confetti Easter eggs

confetti Easter eggs (via shelterness)

lace and sharpie eggs

lace and sharpie eggs (via thediydreamer)

washi tape Easter eggs

washi tape Easter eggs (via shelterness)

paper collage Easter eggs

paper collage Easter eggs (via tinyrottenpeanuts)

Faberge Easter eggs

Faberge Easter eggs (via allparenting)

Ukrainian decorated Easter eggs

Ukrainian decorated Easter eggs (via createwithmom)

twine Easter eggs

twine Easter eggs (via learningcreatingliving)

tattooed Easter eggs

tattooed Easter eggs (via boulderlocavore)

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