13 Fun And Bold DIY Clock Renovations

girlish pink clock makeover

girlish pink clock makeover (via shelterness)

Got an old clock? Don’t know what to do with it? Don’t hurry to throw it away, you can give a piece a new life and make it a great accessory that will highlight your style. To renovate it you can just paint the case or cover it with washi tape. To make your clock bolder and funnier you can use some colorful yarn for décor. Another popular idea is to decorate the clockface with paints, washi tape, photos and changing the numbers if there are any. You can cover the clockface with some wallpaper or other paper you like. Find out how to do that reading the tutorials below.

easy patterned paper makeover

easy patterned paper makeover (via one-o)

painted clock case diy

painted clock case diy (via offbeatandinspired)

Greek clock makeover

Greek clock makeover (via mrsfancee)

cuckoo clock renovation

cuckoo clock renovation (via pleasenotepaper)

easy clock renovation

easy clock renovation (via clickclackclunk)

cheap clock makeover

cheap clock makeover (via abernathycrafts)

Christmas clock makeover

Christmas clock makeover (via wonderfuljoyahead)

colorful retro wall clock

colorful retro wall clock (via shelterness)

photo clock makeover

photo clock makeover (via landeeseelandeedo)

Paris inspired clock makeover

Paris-inspired clock makeover (via studentmedia)

clock renovation with wrapping paper

clock renovation with wrapping paper (via shelterness)

fun clock renovation

fun clock renovation (via 31diy)

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