12 Cool DIY Dog Collars

rainbow paracord dog collar

rainbow paracord dog collar (via handsoccupied)

Many of us have dogs – these are amazing and very faithful friends, and your friend needs not only a pet bed but also a collar and a leash. There are so many easy to make collars for any dog and any taste. A rainbow paracord is a great material for a comfortable collar. Bow collars are easy and make your dog elegant. Cotton or nylon webbing is also a great material and it would be very easy to make a collar of it. LED dog collar allows finding your dog in the night time if it ran away from you and seeing it clearly wherever it goes. Wanna a glamour accessory for your pet? Take some rhinestones and make a rhinestone collar, and your dog will be very fashionable! Below you’ll find some more ideas, make your dog stylish with these collars!

glamorous rhinestone collar

glamorous rhinestone collar (via sheknows)

doggie bow tie

doggie bow tie (via asmithofalltrades)

stylish red bow tie

stylish red bow tie (via stuffstephdoes)

dog collar and leash

dog collar and leash (via sew4home)

adorable flower collar

adorable flower collar (via fabyoubliss)

martingale collar

martingale collar (via mysocalledcraftylife)

adjustable dog collar

adjustable dog collar (via sew-it-love-it)

leather dog collar

leather dog collar (via instructables)

colorful dog collar and leash

colorful dog collar and leash (via seanandnicolehuddleston)

LED dog collar

LED dog collar (via ubergizmo)

yarn applique collar

yarn applique collar (via dog-milk)

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