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11 Beautiful DIY Beach-Inspired Candles And Candleholders

sea-inspired candles

sea-inspired candles (via pearlsandmasonjars)

Do you like sea and beaches like we do? If you wanna make some pretty pieces for home décor to enjoy beach atmosphere even being at home, you’ll like the idea of making beach-inspired candles and candle holders. Tealights in seashells – the ingenious is always simple! Sand cast candles and gel candles with starfish and shells inside would be perfect not only for décor but also as a gift. Take some pillar candles, wrap them with twine and add some shells – and voila, your beach-inspired candles are ready! Candleholders of shells and with sand are really easy to make and would be great as a centerpiece. Some more ideas below will definitely inspire you, have fun!

beach-themed pillar candles

beach-themed pillar candles (via momitforward)

glass jar decoupage candleholders

glass jar decoupage candleholders (via thevspotblog)

beeaswax tealights

beeaswax tealights (via shelterness)

sand cast candles

sand cast candles (via howdidyoumakethis)

gel beach candles

gel beach candles (via gavethat)

oyster shell candleholder

oyster shell candleholder (via completely-coastal)

beach wine glass candleholder

beach wine glass candleholder (via plumadorable)

beach sand candleholders

beach sand candleholders (via handmakemyday)

seashell candles

seashell candles (via tamedraven)

sea treasure candleholders

sea treasure candleholders (via psheart)


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