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10 Ideas To Make Cool Christmas Coasters

DIY Christmas Coasters

Snowflake Christmas Coasters

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Christmas time is perfect to make fun decorations and gifts for your love ones. In my opinion handmade Christmas presents and decorations are the best. Such presents are much more meaningful while such decorations are less perfect that those you can buy in stores and more interesting. Handmade coasters could become as perfect gifts as cool decorations.They can add a touch of elegancy to your festive table and show your love to your friends.

p.s. If you still don’t have Thanksgiving coasters then check out these ideas.

  1. Snowflake Christmas Coasters from justagirlblog
  2. Snowman Coasters from formicas
  3. Tile Christmas Coasters from littlebignest
  4. Santa Coasters from beneathmyheart
  5. Peppermint Coasters from free-crochet
  6. Ceramic Christmas Coasters from fiskars
  7. Fabric Christmas Coasters from flickr
  8. Christmas Card Coasters from BHG
  9. Cool Christmas Coasters from beautifulinspirationdesigns
  10. Crochet Christmas Coasters from ravelry

Snowman Coasters

Tile Christmas Coasters

Santa Coasters

Peppermint Coasters


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