10 Color Tips To Make Small Rooms Looks Bigger

Contemporary urban living spaces are usually quite small. That’s why it’s a good idea to think through your interior design to avoid anything weighs down these rooms. Here are 10 tips that will help you to chose right colors to make small rooms looks bigger.

  1. Use different shades of a color. Even small spaces can be painted in your favorite color. Bright colors make objects appear larger than dark ones.
  2. Use low furniture and light colored ceiling. Small areas usually have low ceiling heights. To make them visually bigger use low furniture and paint the ceiling in white.
  3. Use furniture in cool colors. Cool colors are said to be the best colors to use in small rooms because they trick the eyes into thinking they are further away than they really are.
  4. Use single color on a floor. A floor with consistent color and material of a uniform makes small rooms seem larger to the naked eye.
  5. Paint radiators in the same color as the walls behind them. That will avoid eye’s distraction and make a small room calmer and tidier.
  6. Use dark cabinets on a small kitchen. Any small kitchen seems larger, if the cabinets are darker than the countertop and wall units.
  7. Use a pendant lamp above a dining table. A hanging from ceiling lamp focuses an attention on the dining table and distracts from close walls.
  8. Use custom made built-in furniture of proper size. Built-in furniture use every inch of the space as effective as possible.
  9. Use translucent curtains. Brightness is very important in small rooms. Semi-transparent curtains allow light to penetrate through but still protect from prying eyes.
  10. Don’t use wallpapers with small patterns. Small patterns tends to make rooms looks smaller while the large ones make them looks bigger.
Source: schoener-wohnen

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