How To Make Sick and Creepy Interior Decoration for Halloween

Alien In A Jar

Aliens in jars could become a very sick decoration for Halloween night. The creepiness of your decoration will depend on how realistic these specimens would be. Baron Von Fogel has managed to create very real aliens and documented the process. This decoration is a bit pricey but looks like it worth it.

  • Do some anatomical research and find some drawings of what you want to achieve.
  • Sculpt your specimen from Chavant NSP (Non-Sulphurated Plasteline), over a wire and tinfoil armature.
  • Carefully go over the surface of the clay with a blowtorch to melt it for a little bit and give it a super smooth glossy finish.
  • Use industrial gypsum plaster cement to make two-part mold.
  • Using slip casting latex, stipple in a light layer into each half of the mold. This is going to wind up being the outer skin of the specimen. Once it’s dry, close the mold up, clamp the two halves together.
  • Use expanding polyurethane foam to fill your mold through the vent hole.
  • Carefully trim off any excess latex around the seams, and you’re ready to paint.
  • Paint the specimen with acrylic paint.
  • Dip it in casting latex to seal the paint in.
  • Make some umbilical cord from latex and glue them to the alien.
  • Find a good bottle or jar for your specimen and put the specimen there with some water and alcohol.
  • Repeat the process as many times as you like.

You can find more detailed instructions and photos on indymogul forums. In case you can find all these materials, make your aliens and watch your friends reactions when you’ll have them over at Halloween.

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Alien In A Jar
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Alien In A Jar
Source: indymogul