How To Make Kitchen Cabinets from Wine Crates

Wine Crates Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever thought that kitchen cabinets from wine crates could look awesome? Spanish couple has make such cabinets for their apartment and told the world how others can do them too.

Here are most important things to have before such project: cabinet frames, a kitchen cupboard, wooden wine crates, 8mm wooden board for doors, nails and screws, varnish, knobs, hinges, and some simple power tools.

To get such look as the couple has managed to get you need:

  • Taken off the sides of the wooden boxes and removed all the nails.
  • Lay them out flat and design the layout by mixing different kinds of wood.
  • Cut these sides to desired sizes and nail them on to a 8mm wooden boards.
  • Cut the shape of the doors, attache the hinges and install them.
  • Varnish the wood from the boxes.

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Wine Crates Kitchen Cabinets
Source: R3 Project