How To Make A Standing Desk From Your Standard Desk

How To Upgrade A Standing Desk From Any Desk

Once again I want to show you how you can simply make your working at home more healthy. The idea is based on the fact that the human’s body isn’t designed for sitting on its butt all day long. So as you might already thought you need to stand from time to time. In order to continue working while you are standing you need a standing desk. They are quite pricey and occupy space. If you want a cheap and space saving solution you can use this idea but if you want to a stylish solution then you can upgrade your standard desk.

For the upgrade you’ll need one 2’x4′ wood panel, two packages of copy paper, four bargain-bin hardcover books, four 19 oz. cans and a pair of wool socks. Check out the picture and you’ll understand what to do with all these stuff.