How To Design a Girl’s Room

How To Deisng Girls Room

It isn’t the only solution to paint everything in pink when you design a room for a little girl. There are many other ways to impress your child.

Walls and Floor

  • You can choose any wallpaper you like. Although keep in mind that you can decorate pale wallpaper with mirrors, drawings, toys, and other things much more easier.
  • If furniture, accessories, and fabrics in the room are bright and colorful than floors should be neutral. Otherwise you can play with the flooring design as much as you want.
  • You should remember, that light colors visually enlarge the space while dark ones create the opposite effect.
  • Paint one wall in a bright and contrasting color simply because it’s fun. This wall will stand out so it is the perfect place to put there a dool’s collection, drawings and other things your daughter like the most.

Furniture and Accessories

  • Retro and vintage furniture is great for girls room. Although it’s a good idea to paint it in some bright colors.
  • To decorate curtains, pillows and other upholstery choose some pretty pattern that will match other accessories as well.
  • Don’t forget about a desk, a chalkboard and about other things that your daughter need for comfortable studying, playing and sleeping.
  • The storage space is really important.
  • If you chose children’s furniture on wheels it would be much more easy to clean the room.

Don’t forget to put as much love as you could when you’re designing room for your daughter. She will definitely see that at the end.

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How To Deisng Girls Room
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How To Deisng Girls Room
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How To Deisng Girls Room
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How To Deisng Girls Room