Functional Space Saving DIY Coat Hooks

Space Saving Diy Coathooks

Functional and space saving coat hooks aren’t easy to find. Some manufacturers have such hooks among their products but most of them are quite pricey. You would be amazed what you can make similar hooks from…

A few of 1 gallon paint cans is all you need. At less than a foot deep they they are the perfect size. They can hold several hats or pairs of gloves without encroaching on your entryway. Their generous diameter is easy on scarves and sweaters and anything delicate. Even the wire handle serves as extra storage space for scarves, leashes, umbrellas etc.

Sound like an awesome idea, right?

in Vermont we need a little more. Many of the vernacular farm houses I visit have about a half dozen hooks per person lined up in their mud rooms. Leanne and I each will have several different coats, jackets and vests in play all winter long. Add to that assorted scarves, hats and gloves, several of each for both of us, and your average coat rack doesn’t stand a chance. The bench by our door spent the whole winter covered in coats hats and gloves with the overflow often spreading to the back of the sofa in the living room.

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Space Saving Diy Coathooks
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