DIY Wrought Iron Headboard For Lovers Of French Country Style

Diy Wrought Headboard

If you love French Country then here is an awesome headboard you can make by yourself to decorate your bedroom. The cool thing about it is that the headboard is also quite modern thanks to its color. In this tutorial honeysuckle spray paint was chosen to paint the headboard because this is the color of the year.

Materials and tools

  • Part of the metal fence
  • Spray paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Anti corrosion spray


Remove the metal all traces of rust if the fence piece isn’t new. Treat with a special coating against corrosion. Cover the fence with several coats of paint. Attach it to the wall behind the bed and you’re done!

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Diy Wrought Headboard
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Diy Wrought Headboard
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Diy Wrought Headboard