DIY Windowbox Succulent Planter

Diy Windowbox Succulent Planter

If you search for a stylish and modern solution to grow small plants on your window here is one for you. This windowbox planter is quite easy to make and materials for it are very cheap.

Materials & Tools

  • 1 aluminum gutter
  • 2 gutter caps
  • 8 sheet metal screws
  • 1 tube of silicon caulk
  • drill
  • caulking gun
  • 1.25 steel snips


  • Buy all your supplies and cut the aluminum gutter in the store according to the size of your window.
  • Drill little holes for proper drainage.
  • Mount the gutter to the inside of the window sill with sheet metal screws you bought.
  • Seal the holes with silicon culk.

Now you can plant in this modern planter succulents, white grass, or other plants you like. Enjoy!

Source: flickr