DIY Wall Mounted Bookshelves Of Mop Buckets

Diy Bookshef System Of Buckets

Do you want to maximize your office space or make wall mounted bookshelves for a kids room? If so and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on these shelves then you can make some. If your woodworking skills aren’t great than you can use a bunch of mop buckets for the task. You can choose one color for a uniform look or mix and match to create a bright and bold storage system. You can also play with the different arrangements so the system will not only be cheap but also practical and unique.

To make a wall mounted bookshelf from a bucket you need to drill holes in the top two corners. After that you can hold the bucket in position on the wall and mark these holes with pencil and drill into the wall at these point to fix it. Repeat the process with all buckets and enjoy your storage.

Source: ninemsn