DIY Vintage-Inspired Coin Purse

Diy Vintage Inspired Coin Purse

If you’ve got many coins and no purse to store them, it’s high time to make one! The supplies are Coin Purse Frame, Free Coin Purse Tutorial Pattern, basic sewing supplies, embroidery floss and needle, fabric & sewing machine. Using the Free Coin Purse Tutorial Pattern, cut out four pieces of fabric of your choice. With the right sides facing each other, mark the edges of the Coin Purse Frame. Sew the bottom of the outside fabric from one marking to the other and repeat with lining. Make a small (1/4″) snip where you marked the Coin Purse Frame ends. Turn outer fabric right side out. Place the outer fabric pouch inside of the lining pouch. Making sure to keep the flaps aligned, sew the top flaps together from one marking/slit to the other. The rest of the tutorial is here, finish the purse and enjoy your work!

Source: craftsunleashed