DIY Tiered Vase Of Tin Cans

Diy Tiered Vase Of Tin Cans

There are so many ways to reuse tin cans including pendant lights, ashtrays, desk organizers, flower pots, and many other things. Here is a one more creative way to reuse them – make a tiered vase of three clean cans of different size. Four such project you’ll need white oil based paint, water based craft paint, a brush, epoxy glue and 2 wood rods (8″ and 5″).


First of all paint all three cans with one coat of white paint. When they all will be dry, cover them with 2-3 coats of craft paint. When all cans will be dry, glue the 8″ wood rod to the bottom of the inside of the largest can using epoxy glue. After that glue the middle can to the rod and do the same with the 5″ rod. Glue it to the inside of the middle can and to the top can. Enjoy your work!

Source: sweetpaulmag